After a recent fundraising event at Carmel High School, event coordinator Tasha Cucinelli commented - “Michael and Katie’s act was impressively entertaining and interactive. Michael’s skill had both children and adults entertained and his audience remained excited throughout the performance. There were surprise story lines in almost every scene, something not often seen in magic shows. It was amazing how he made things disappear from one place, only to reappear somewhere else; including his lovely assistant Katie! And nobody really knows how he made sand, put into water, come back out dry as the desert or how he was able to read an audience members mind, for that matter. I speak on behalf of all the event organizers when I say that Michael Bochar would be fantastic entertainment for both large-scale, public celebrations and small-scale, private parties or fundraisers.”
- Tasha Cucinelli- Event Coordinator & Dance Coach, Carmel High School

You're great, you made many people happy and helped our event make lots of money and got lots of toys
- Gil Maile -Event Coordinator, Marine Toys for Tots

The Magic Show was incredible!
-Billy Flash - Event Coordinator, Marine Toys for Tots

Thank you for the wonderful magic show you presented for our guests at the RCK Senior-Senior Prom . The look of astonishment on the faces as they watched your exciting performance told the real story- they were absolutely spellbound! Your illusions were delightful and your performance was- totally magical! I always thought that if I watched a magician close up I would be able to see "the trick", but when I watched your show what I saw was pure Magic- and it was just terrific.
On behalf of the students and staff @ RCK I want to thank you for the incredible show! It was a pleasure to have you at our special event and hope you'll" appear as if by magic " again next year.
- Sherrill Murray-Lazarus, Principal

You are on another level than I could have imagined. They way you own the stage it looks like you were made for it. You and Katlin were unbelevable. I thought I was at a show in a hotel or casino. Absoluty awesome.
- Clayton Harrbby. Head administrator, Wingate at Dutchess

Thank you so muchfor performing for the residents. They were astounded by your show. It looks like the 2 of you have been working
together for years.
- Sulaka Mody. Activities director, Wingate at Dutchess